Friday, August 27, 2010

Ridgewood Patch, NJ - New Free Shuttle Project for the Disabled, Seniors to Run From Ridgewood Train Station

Ridgewood Patch, NJ - New Shuttle Project for the Disabled, Seniors to Run From Ridgewood Train Station: "According to the McNerney, the project 'will provide an excellent source of free public transportation for employees and residents of the region linking it here to the Village of Ridgewood train station.'

Assemblywoman Charlotte Vandervalk (R-39) of Montvale said the corporate sector in the Montvale office complex area have long talked about some way to get the traffic off the road while also bringing County residents to the area."

Monday, August 23, 2010

Global Warming and Heat Waves - National Wildlife Federation

Global Warming and Heat Waves - National Wildlife Federation: "More extremely hot summer days are projected for every part of the country, and 30 large cities are especially vulnerable, detailed in a new report from the National Wildlife Federation and Physicians for Social Responsibility.

'Global warming is bringing more frequent and severe heat waves and the result will be serious for vulnerable populations,' said Dr. Amanda Staudt, climate scientist, National Wildlife Federation."

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Global warming good for farming?

NASA - Drought Drives Decade-Long Decline in Plant Growth: "Earth has done an ecological about-face: Global plant productivity that once flourished under warming temperatures and a lengthened growing season is now on the decline, struck by the stress of drought.

NASA-funded researchers Maosheng Zhao and Steven Running, of the University of Montana in Missoula, discovered the global shift during an analysis of NASA satellite data. Compared with a six-percent increase spanning two earlier decades, the recent ten-year decline is slight -- just one percent. The shift, however, could impact food security, biofuels, and the global carbon cycle.

'We see this as a bit of a surprise, and potentially significant on a policy level because previous interpretations suggested that global warming might actually help plant growth around the world,' Running said."